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The Gables Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is here to help. This section will aid new students and their parents in better understanding Gables High prior to your first day of class.



There are 8 academies at Gables. Each student is required to enroll in an academy.

  1. Academy of Finance

  2. Business, Management and Information Technology

  3. Communication Arts Film & Digital Media

  4. Design, Education and Hospitality

  5. Health, Public Service and Law

  6. International Baccalaureate

  7. Teaching Academy

  8. Visual and Performing Arts




Uniforms at Gables are mandatory. Monday-Thursday students are required to wear either a CGHS-logoed polo or a CGHS-logoed hoodie. On Fridays, students have the option to wear spirit shirts (long sleeve or short sleeve). There are no uniform pants. However pants with holes, paint or are otherwise in poor repair are not allowed.

The physical education department also requires students to be in athletic uniforms during PE class. This includes a CGHS-logoed shirt and shorts. All uniforms can be purchased online from the PTSA Member Hub.

Once orders are placed, your student(s) may pick up your order throughout the school year. PTSA volunteers will distribute uniform orders in the school auditorium lobby, every Wednesday between 10:30 and 12:30 (during the two lunch periods). If the ordered size does not fit or you would like a different color, please return the unwashed and unworn item to the PTSA (same location and time as above) and we will exchange it for an item of your liking.

100% of profits from uniform sales help the PTSA support students and faculty programs at Gables.

If you have questions about uniforms, your order or exchange policies, please contact

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  • Each school day has the same hours. Classes begin at 7:15, and students are excused at 2:20.  It is important that you arrive school well before 7:15, as it can take up to 10 minutes to get to your classroom once you arrive on campus.

  • The daily class schedule operates on a block schedule. There is an Even Block (even numbered classes), and an Odd Block (odd numbered classes). Both Even and Odd Blocks include 4 blocks, spanning from 90 to 125 minutes each. Throughout the week, students alternate between Even Block days and Odd Block days. Each student will be assigned one of two lunch periods during the day – either 10:33 to 11:08 or 11:09 to 12:44.

  • There are two cafeterias on campus. One at the 9000 building and one at the 6000 building.

  • Students are not allowed to leave school at anytime during the school day.

  • In order to leave early, a student must have someone on their Emergency contact card come to the school and sign them out. In the case of an absence, a parent or guardian must send an email to attendance office, including a doctor’s note or viable reason pertaining to the absence. Attendance Office:

  • Be aware of the 10/20 Rule. If a student exceeds 10 unexcused daily absences and/or 20 daily tardy in a school year, he/she cannot participate in certain school functions (proms, pep rallies, and so on).




Gables has an incredible number of organizations that allow a student to be involved in over 40 clubs, student government and sports. Most organizations meet after school, but some such as school government meet during school hours. For a list of clubs, click here.

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The Miami Dade County Public School system (MDCPS) provides free bus service for studentsIf you are interested in scheduling your son or daughter for pick up and drop off, please contact

Student parking at Gables is provided via a lottery process. Annually, passes are provided to those who apply in order of seniority – 12th graders first, then 11th graders and so on. This process generally takes place the first week of school.  Students may only park in the Riviera Drive lot.


For questions about the lottery process, contact


Some parents will drive their students to school and pick them up at the end of the day. There are two drop off/pick up areas on campus - the Riviera Drive lot and the Le June Rd lot.  Both lots open at 6:45 am for drop off, and close at 7:30 am. For afternoon pick up, the Riviera Dr. lot opens at 2:20 pm and remains open until 5:00 pm. The LeJeune parking lot does not open until 2:35. Do NOT use the Bird Road  entrance for drop off or pick up.

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  1. MemberHub – for ordering uniforms, joining the PTSA, donations to the PTSA

  2. Questions about your Uniform order – contact

  3. School phone number – (305) 443-4871

  4. School Activities Calendar

  5. School Sports Calendar

  6. MDCPS Calendar – school start dates, holidays, teacher work days

  7. Student absences, tardies – The Attendance Office must be contacted prior to an excused absence (Drs appointment, medical/sick). It is Ok to contact the office after a student is tardy. It is best to email the office with your student's name, their ID number and the reason for the absence or tardy. In the case of an illness that resulted in an absence, the Attendance Office may request a Drs note. Email:

  8. Great Schools Reviews – let the world know what you think of Gables High.


School Contacts

  1. Principal – Tony Ullivarri

  2. Assistant Principals– Janine Lyete-Vidal, Richard Martinez, Patrick Curtis

  3. Student Activities - Ana Suarez

  4. Excused Absences (illness)- Email:

Full contact list click here

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